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Kupar Adds Managed Services Program to its Offerings

Kupar is pleased to announce it will be leveraging its expertise in recruiting and compliance and adding Managed Services Programs offerings to its portfolio.

“Fleets using Kupar’s Managed Services think of it as an extension of their departments; you have a dedicated team of professionals working for you, representing your brand,” says Kupar co-founder, Lisa Kupar.

“They have the peace of mind that Kupar’s professionals are working collaboratively and effectively as a true part of their...

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Driver Shortage Got You Down? Ease Your Worries – and Get Drivers in Seats – With These Top Three Tips

Travis Kupar, Kupar Director of HR

The fact that there’s a truck driver shortage isn’t exactly breaking news.

What does stand out – especially lately – is how there are fewer and fewer truck drivers – 200,000 of them, in fact — due to reduced training/licensing, the pandemic and the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.
It can leave recruiters wondering what they can do to optimize their recruitment strategies in order to overcome a problem that clearly isn’t going anywhere, anytime...

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How to Retain High-Quality Truck Drivers

Trucking companies spend a lot of time and energy on recruiting drivers. During a driver shortage, compounded by issues of high turnover, this makes sense. But what if managers and recruiters are focusing on the wrong problem?

Yes, you need to fill your seats with truck drivers, but what if you could slow down the constant churn and retain more drivers?

More importantly, what if your focus on retention could help you keep your best drivers? What would that be worth to you? Probably a great...

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The Importance of Staying Healthy on the Road

The day-to-day is a grind for truck drivers. Staying alert, safe, compliant and time-efficient are part of your routine. That’s why eating right and exercising gets left behind and disappears from the rear-view mirror most of the time.

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends starting with 10 minutes of activity and building up to at least half an hour of activity a day. They also have great resources about eating well and have a list of foods that may help prevent disease. Let’s look at...

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