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Are You Ready? FMCSA Removes Driver Violations Reporting Requirement

Effective May 9, 2022, the FMCSA will remove the requirement for interstate truck drivers to submit an annual list of their convictions to their motor carrier.

This final rule will eliminate § 391.27.

The carrier must continue to conduct an annual inquiry and pull a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for every state a driver holds or has held a CMV operator’s license or permit in the previous 12 months. The MVR(s) must be held in the Driver Qualification (DQ) file.

This change also requires carriers...

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Working Negative Feedback Online to Your Advantage

The squeaky wheel gets the grease” – that’s the saying, right?

You’ve spent a lot of time building your reputation. You’ve advertised your culture, benefits, and invested in social media campaigns directed at the drivers you need to sustain your fleet. Your recruiting team stands ready to interview driver candidates.

However, with those social media efforts, there is going to be some negativity along the way. It's importany, however, to remember that negative feedback is just a part of...

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Why Driver Candidates are Ghosting You

Few things are more frustrating to recruiters who get a driver to use a quick app to apply, only to have subsequent phone calls and emails ignored.

Exasperating as it may be, it’s a common industry problem; one that leaves recruiters scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong.

If you’re questioning what you can do to prevent this from happening, here are some actionable steps you can take to avoid getting ghosted by the quality candidates you want – and need – on your...

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Kupar Names New Compliance Manager

Lisa and Dirk Kupar, who have helped to recruit more than 10,000 drivers through their Belleville-based company, Kupar, are pleased to announce the promotion of Teri Wood to the company’s Compliance Manager.

In her new role, Wood will work closely with trucking companies across the United States and Canada to ensure drivers remain compliant, with her dedicated team acting as an extension of compliance and safety departments.

World-class customer service is important to Wood, who first began...

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